Near death experience?

Not quite, but six days of pure hell. In 31 years of life, I haven’t experienced the joys the flu. Last Monday I went to bed at 8pm with what felt like a sinus headache. I suffered throughout the week with a high temperature, severe body aches, chills and feeling like crap.

I finally recovered on Sunday and returned to work on Monday . It’s now Tuesday and though I’m still a bit light-headed, though I feel much better than I did last Tuesday.

Florida pictures

These are a bit late but I’ve included a few photos from the Ft Lauderdale trip, November 9-12, 2007.
The group at Coliseum in Fort Lauderdale
The group at Coliseum on Saturday night.
(L to R, David, Garrett, Roger, Mike, Zack and Ryan)

Fort Lauderdale beach, nearing sunset
Fort Lauderdale beach, nearing sunset.


Sebastian Beach
My bags are packed and I’m headed to Fort Lauderdale at 8:00am tomorrow. Mike, Zack and I will meet up with our friends Roger (from Columbus), Ryan and David (from DC) for a fun-filled weekend of drinking, shopping and exploration. We’ll also spend plenty of time soaking up the sun on Fort Lauderdale’s miles of beaches.

Half-way there

Last week I completed the mid-term for my Programming Fundamentals (Java) course at Longview. This means I’m half-way there. I expected to do better, but the it was also more challenging than I expected. I ended up with an 86% and still have an A in the class. I attribute my success to the excellent instructor. In an informal comparison of a handful of computer-related classes at Longview compared to Johnson County Community College; Longview wins, hands-down.