Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot

Whew, it has been awhile. I’m here to give a quick overview of the Google Home Mini compared to the Amazon Echo Dot.

After using the Amazon Echo Dot for the past 1+ years, the Google Home Mini (and other versions of the Google Home) win for a few reasons.

  1. The speaker and sound quality of the Google Home Mini are better than the Amazon Echo Dot. You could almost use it as an everyday speaker as long as you’re not throwing a party and you have relatively quiet surroundings.
  2. You can make phone calls through Google Home and the Google Home Mini using your Google Voice phone number. No phone required. One thing they need to fix is the ability to connect the Google Mini Home and other Google Home devices to Bluetooth headsets. If you don’t have a Google Voice number set in Google Assistant, the phone calls with show up as “No Caller ID” to the person receiving the call. You can dial by name from your Google Contacts, or by phone number.
  3. The Google Home Mini and Google Home devices are more likely to understand complex questions, and you can ask follow-up questions. So the Google Home is more contextually aware.
  4. The Google Home Mini and Google Home devices don’t require you to add skills to achieve things like requesting a rideshare, playing simple games, etc.
  5. The setup process for the Google Home devices is much more pleasant. It doesn’t require you to disconnect from your wifi and connect to the device.

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