Power wash completed

deck after power wash
I just finished power washing my front deck. It made a noticeable difference removing much of the mildew and dirt. Now I need to replace the planks with pieces cut out and treat the wood with Thompson’s (or something comparable).

Trip to Fort Lauderdale

Mike, Zack, Travis and I met up with Roger (from Columbus), David (from NYC) and Ryan (from DC) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 13-18.

Happy hour at our hotel. (L to R, Zack, Roger, me, Mike, David, Ryan and Travis)
Happy hour at our hotel

At Score bar in Miami. (Disappointed Miami doesn’t have a smoking ban.)
At Score bar in Miami

Fort Lauderdale beach
Fort Lauderdale beach

Navigation via iPhone(s)
Navigation via iPhones

Attempt at synchronized dancing
Attempt at synchronized dancing

In our hotel room
In our hotel room

Halloween 2008 – Friends and Family

My mom, Becky and my oldest brother, Ryan. They didn’t dress up, but they made goofy faces for the camera.
Goofy Mom and Ryan - Halloween 2008

My nephew, Keaton and my niece, Natalie. My brother, Ryan’s kids.
Keaton and Natalie - Halloween 2008

No more tricks Jack-o-lantern on Mike and Zack’s porch.

Mike and Derek, as Titanic relics.

Shawn, Mark and I, as lovely ladies.

Clayton made the perfect Palin (if there could be such a thing)

John as a true Maverick