Clean up your Gmail or Google Apps Mail inbox

Looking for a few quick ways to free up space in your Gmail or Google Apps e-mail account?

Find and delete e-mail from non-human senders

Search for the pattern below:

from:((airlines OR announcements OR auto OR calendar OR confirm OR contact OR convio OR custhelp OR daemon OR deliver OR discuss OR discussion OR ebay OR email OR house OR info OR list OR myspace OR netflix OR newsletters OR mailer OR noreply OR no-reply OR notification OR notify OR order OR paypal OR postmaster OR private OR rsys1 OR list OR senate OR webmaster))

Find and delete attachments, multimedia files

For all attachments, search has:attachments

For multimedia, search filename:(wmv|ogg|mov|m4a|mp3|mp4|aiff|aa4|ppt|pps|pot)

An Event Apart – Seattle

An Event Apart - SeattleI’m all registered and ready for An Event Apart – Seattle. An Event Apart is the design conference for people who make Web sites.

It will be my first time in Seattle, so wish me luck. I’m not a fan of clouds and rain, so I’m crossing my fingers the April showers adage, doesn’t apply in Seattle.

If you’re in Seattle, let me know, so we can meet up! The conference runs April 5-7, but I’m coming to Seattle April 2, to ensure I have time to explore the city.

Favorite iPhone apps for 2009


CardStar iPhone app

Tired of carrying dozens of customer loyalty & rewards cards in your wallet? CardStar is the answer. Save & create scan-able bar codes which are stored in the app. When you approach the counter, launch the app and select the name of the merchant. Price: Free.

Update: I’ve tried using CardStar at my local grocery store and gym. Neither could scan the bar-code from my iPhone. 🙁


Gowalla iPhone app

Not only does Gowalla do all of the cool stuff the other location-based apps do, it makes it fun by giving you stamps & rewards for each place you visit. Gowalla has one of the most polished iPhone interfaces I’ve seen. You can also use it to update your Facebook and/or Twitter status. Price: Free.


iFitness iPhone app

Track individual exercises & workouts at the gym. iFitness also has a number of built-in workout programs. The application keeps track of the exercise, repetitions & weight. It also keeps historical data to allow you to track your workouts over time. Price: $1.99.


Tweetie iPhone app

If you love Twitter, don’t be caught without Tweetie. The Tweetie iPhone app packs more features than the Mac equivalent, including: location-based/geo-enabled tweets, ability to quickly look up user names, shrink URL’s and add or snap photos with a few taps. You can also use Tweetie for multiple Twitter accounts. Price: $2.99.

Understanding Twitter

To fully understand the capabilities and neatness of Twitter you must do more than sign up. Here are some things I’ve found keep me interested and engaged.

Your comments?

Amazon vs. iTunes – Rufus Wainwright: Poses

Amazon vs. iTunes

Ready to purchase Rufus Wainwright’s Poses album, I decided to take a look at Amazon’s online music service. The first thing I noticed was lower prices, the second, lack of copy-protection hassles. Below is an informal comparison of iTunes to Amazon’s online music offering. Which would you choose? The choice was easy for me.

Category iTunes Amazon
Media AAC MP3
Copy-protection Yes No (DRM-free)
Quality 128 kbps 256 kbps
Integration iTunes Amazon
Price $11.99 $8.99
Songs Available 6 million 2 million
Podcasts Yes No