Kindle Fire Review

Here’s my review of the Kindle Fire. Keep in mind, I’ve been an iOS user from the start and my experience using Android is limited. If you haven’t used a tablet and don’t own an iOS device, the Kindle Fire might be for you. It’s a great value at $199 and is perfect for consuming media; including TV and movies, via NetFlix and Hulu; books and music, via the Amazon store. If you’re used an iPad or iOS device, you may not be happy with some of the minor rough edges of the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire unboxing
Kindle Fire unboxing
Kindle Fire configuration screen
Kindle Fire configuration screen

Pros of the Kindle Fire

  • Amazon UI eliminates some complexities of Android operating system.
  • The price – $199.
  • Good quality hardware.
  • All books, music, and apps purchased from Amazon are instantly available.
  • Super simple configuration. When you turn it on, it knows who you are.

Cons of the Kindle Fire

  • 7-inch form factor is cramped. After a few days, I’m still quicker using the iPhone keyboard.
  • The spacebar is tiny and offset to the left, you really notice this in portrait mode.
  • Web browser crashes too often.
  • Lack of hardware home button and volume controls.
  • Limited device configuration, this is likely an advantage for first-time users.
  • Limited app store selection. No Facebook or Twitter app yet, but popular apps such as Pulse News, Netflix, Hulu.
  • Lack of sync options for non-cloud apps/files.
Amazon Kindle Fire lock screen
Kindle Fire lock screen

Tiny space bar on Kindle Fire
Tiny Spacebar on the Kindle Fire

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