Thank you – AIDS/LifeCycle Donors & Sponsors

AIDS/LifeCycle Donors

  • Jeff Akin
  • Sarah Young
  • Damien Proctor
  • Julia Icenogle
  • Trent Koland
  • John Tole
  • Matthew Novotny
  • Greg Madison
  • Susan Powell
  • Jonny Kaufman
  • Elizabeth Sweeney
  • Chris Snead
  • Gordon Schmittling
  • Jeff Schmidt and Clark Greenlee
  • Nick and Emily Mosher
  • Aunt Kathy
  • Gretchen Schultz
  • Karen M.
  • Chad Phillips
  • Roger Geiger
  • Connie S.
  • Greg and Leigh
  • Aunt Debbie and Grandma Jean
  • Mark and Susanna Guzman
  • Mom and Dan
  • Dave Dougherty
  • Judy Fisher-Fellows
  • Beth and Kelly
  • Tony Randall
  • John and Chris
  • Karen Mathes
  • Amie Barnes
  • Jessica Ralston
  • Aaron Simmons
  • Mike Congdon
  • Aleigh Thomas
  • Garrett Nafzinger
  • Melanie B.
  • Aralia Sendejas
  • Chris Groutas
  • Tim Flavin
  • Tobias Leuthardt
  • Sean Datema
  • Scott Albers
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Heath and Robbie
  • Zack Shubkagel and Mike Schmidt
  • Troy Diggs
  • MetroMacs
  • SPIN! Pizza
  • Charles Metzler
  • Apple Matching Gifts Program
  • Kerrie Gottschalk
  • Bryan Prado
  • Jake Milford
  • Angelike Gaunt
  • Jennifer Grigsby
  • Jeffrey Light
  • Jodi Belshe
  • Laura Filla
  • Scott Kane
  • Cynthia Borgmeyer
  • Derek Kenyon
  • Bry and Dennie
  • Scott Thompson
  • Aaron and Devin
  • Tyler Tenbrink
  • David Shubkagel
  • Josh Ussary
  • Shane and Ian
  • Jerry McKune
  • Robert Archer
  • James Dayton
  • Lauren Wiedt
  • Team of One (Seattle-based ALC team)
  • Pork Pedalers (my California-based ALC team)

AIDS/LifeCycle Sponsors

One thing that started racing through my mind in early-April was the fact that I’d be riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles, along with 2,500 other riders from around the world. I wanted a way to identify with Kansas City. I reached out to a handful of local businesses who generally support the cycling community, in hopes of finding a Kansas City sponsor, for my mostly California-based AIDS/LifeCycle team, The Pork Pedalers’. It was exciting to hear back from two that mean a lot to me.

SPIN! Pizza of Kansas City & Los Angeles -- Coming soon!

Thank you SPIN! Pizza and Gail Lozoff, not only for sponsoring our team and AIDS/LifeCycle, but for everything you do for the Kansas City cycling community. My younger brother Blake got me back into cycling in 2010. It was the weekly SPIN! Pizza bike rides, which inspired me to get more serious about it. I purchased my first road bike in August 2011, and have been enjoying it ever since.

Metro Macs: Mac Support in Kansas City

The second sponsor is my friend Shane’s business, MetroMacs. MetroMacs provides Mac, iPhone, iPad service and support in Kansas City. I’ve known Shane since middle-school, so his support meant a lot. He recently purchased a bike, but is having trouble finding time to commit to riding. Maybe some day he’ll join me on AIDS/LifeCycle!

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