Thirteen-days until AIDS/LifeCycle 2013

Just 13-days until AIDS/LifeCycle, the biggest ride of my life! What have I been doing? Trying to maintain composure as I deal with life issues. In April, I lost Ruby, the sweetest black lab in the world. Over a month has passed and I still miss her to pieces.

As the days fly by, I’m coming to terms with the idea of camping the 6-nights of AIDS/LifeCycle. I don’t remember the last time I camped. At least there aren’t ticks or mosquitoes in California, right?

The cold Spring finally ended in Kansas City in early-May. I’ve been riding my bike at every chance. I learned of a new Wednesday group ride, the Martini Corner ride. This was exciting, because I didn’t have a Wednesday ride. The ride starts out in Midtown, then goes through both the East and West Bottoms of Kansas City before returning to Midtown.

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