Powerful, influential moments during AIDS/LifeCycle 2013

Here, I’ll share some of the more powerful moments of AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) 2013. These are things I’ll remember and that will influence me for the rest of my life.

Eating dinner across from a gentleman with disabilities who was doing the ride. He had to communicate via typing on an iPad and had trouble eating. I wish I could have communicated with him more and shared how much I admired his will and passion. I wish I would have given him a hug. Tears streamed down my face as I walked back to camp.

Back in Kansas City — AIDS/LifeCycle ALC 2013 Recap Coming Soon

After a little relaxation and recovery in San Francisco, I’m gathering so many wonderful memories and photos, in preparation for a detailed recap of AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) 2013.

I hoped to post more details from the road, but after biking all day, rolling into camp, setting up your tent, getting your luggage, showering, doing laundry, seeing the doctor when needed, stretching, and getting dinner each night, there was rarely a speck of extra time for anything else, especially considering the daily wake up call was at 4:30 – 5:00 am.

ALC campgrounds & tent grid, before being set up for the day.
ALC campgrounds & tent grid, before being set up for the day.

Nine-days until ALC 2013 – Fastest average yet at 17.8 mph

FedEx Shipping to ALC12

Nine-days until we ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles! I hit my fastest average speed yet at 17.8 mph during the 75th Street Brewery ride on Tuesday, 5/21/13. Map: https://app.strava.com/activities/55588711

No more outdoor cycling until the ride. Yesterday, I took my bike to Bicycle Shack to be boxed for shipping. I have to ship it by Friday, 5/24/13, to ensure it is received in time to be re-assembled and transported to Cow Palace, where ALC begins very early on Sunday, 6/2/13.

Thirteen-days until AIDS/LifeCycle 2013

Just 13-days until AIDS/LifeCycle, the biggest ride of my life! What have I been doing? Trying to maintain composure as I deal with life issues. In April, I lost Ruby, the sweetest black lab in the world. Over a month has passed and I still miss her to pieces.

As the days fly by, I’m coming to terms with the idea of camping the 6-nights of AIDS/LifeCycle. I don’t remember the last time I camped. At least there aren’t ticks or mosquitoes in California, right?

The cold Spring finally ended in Kansas City in early-May. I’ve been riding my bike at every chance. I learned of a new Wednesday group ride, the Martini Corner ride. This was exciting, because I didn’t have a Wednesday ride. The ride starts out in Midtown, then goes through both the East and West Bottoms of Kansas City before returning to Midtown.

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