Back in Kansas City — AIDS/LifeCycle ALC 2013 Recap Coming Soon

After a little relaxation and recovery in San Francisco, I’m gathering so many wonderful memories and photos, in preparation for a detailed recap of AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) 2013.

I hoped to post more details from the road, but after biking all day, rolling into camp, setting up your tent, getting your luggage, showering, doing laundry, seeing the doctor when needed, stretching, and getting dinner each night, there was rarely a speck of extra time for anything else, especially considering the daily wake up call was at 4:30 – 5:00 am.

ALC campgrounds & tent grid, before being set up for the day.
ALC campgrounds & tent grid, before being set up for the day.

Seattle, AIDS/LifeCycle, and UX Immersion 2013

UX Immersion Conference: April 21-24, 2013 in Seattle

On Friday, April 19, I depart for one of my favorite cities, Seattle, Washington, to attend the UX Immersion Conference. UX Immersion is put on by Jared Spool, and the fine folks at UIE.

AIDS/LifeCycle and Seattle-based Team of One

I added a weekend to the trip, so I can ride and socialize with Seattle-based AIDS/LifeCycle participants. Many Seattle AIDS/LifeCycle riders are members of Team of One. Lately I’ve felt disconnected not knowing many other AIDS/LifeCycle participants. I’m hopeful that meeting other participants prior to the ride will help make the experience more comfortable.

On my trip to Los Angeles in February, I was able to meet our team, The Pork Pedalers, captain-extraordinaire, Brendan Hooley and some members of Team Cynergy, but others from my team were unable to make it out.

My longest AIDS/LifeCycle training ride to date (guilty grin)

On Sunday, 4/7, I set out on my longest AIDS/LifeCycle training ride with the Mission Farms Sunday group. Luckily, my friends Clark and Jeffrey joined me. It was set to be a 42-mile route, but the group was a bit faster than us. We stuck with them until 175th street, there were cows, then cut a corner and turned it into a 35-mile route. Map:

How many miles will I ride each day of AIDS/LifeCycle 2013

AIDSLifeCycle Route MapThis is one of the more common questions I am asked when I tell people I’m participating in AIDS/LifeCycle 2013. Here’s a recap of the day-by-day miles and start/finish cities.

  • Day 1: 83 miles – Daly City (SF) to Santa Cruz
  • Day 2: 109 miles – Santa Cruz to King City
  • Day 3: 67 miles – King City to Paso Robles
  • Day 4: 98 miles – Paso Robles to Santa Maria
  • Day 5: 42 miles – Santa Maria to Lompoc
  • Day 6: 84 miles – Lompoc to Ventura
  • Day 7: 61 miles – Ventura to Los Angeles

Total miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles: 544

Trip to Los Angeles – February 2013

Garrett and Brendan on Team Cynergy AIDSLifeCycle ride

On Thursday, February 21, I escaped the big snow storm and flew out of Kansas City at 6 am.

The best part of Los Angeles had to be the weather. The second and equally good part was meeting up with Brendan Hooley, one of my team captains. On Saturday, Brendan and I joined Team Cynergy for a ride along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.

Tweets from the trip